Working with people

and spaces

Using, Art, Design & Research


How we work


Whether we are designing a space, an installation to reactivate a public space or working with other organisations to help communicate their vision, we treat as project as unique, while bringing to it the experience gained on previous projects. Research is integral to our design process, helping us understand the context of each project and our client’s


Narrative & Research

We use film and photography as ways of observing, understanding and communicating our ideas about the city, the diversity it contains, and the way people live within it . We see narrative, as an important tool in communicating our research and design processes, and build on Sarah’s experience of storytelling in film and theatre to develop each project story.



We are keen to activate dead and underused parts of the city and to employ multidisciplinary practices such as art and performance to do so. Sarah’s time working in Theatre Practice, which draws on the rapid, very hands on approach of set design and construction of the fringe theatre world has informed this approach, which is applied to public space interventions and installations. We are keen to explore participatory processes and ways of working with communities, using inclusive processes to facilitate people transforming their own spaces and build new relationships around the process of doing so. This work is done alongside Studio Aki’s sister practice Appropri8 Theatre.