Presenting Sharon Egretta Sutton @ Part W's Gold

Presenting Sharon Egretta Sutton @ Part W's Gold

1968, the year of Martin Luther King’s Death; the year race riots swept America; and the year students staged sit ins at the University of Columbia, uncomfortable at the university’s relationship with surrounding poor black and hispanic communities, the students demanded that black and hispanic students be admitted to the university as a condition of giving the buildings back.

At that time Sharon Sutton, who would become the 12th black female architect registered in America, was a French Horn player, one of the very first black female french horn players in a union in America. Soon to be come one of these students, this was a woman who crossed many boundaries.

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We are delighted that Sarah’s Article on documenting women of colour in architecture has been published by Justine Clark and the wonderful team at Parlour. 

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