#HackneyStories for #Cine-Theatre

This week I photographed the proprietor of a of one of the oldest surviving shoe repair shops this part of North-East London, which also happens to sit in one of the city's oldest terraces.  The interview was part of a series I am carrying out for Hackney Stories, to be part of The Cine-Theatre project. Hackney Stories tells the modern history of Hackney through the memories  of those who have migrated here, whether from near or far.

Ahmed's story could be from the present day, he arrived aged 10, accompanied by his parents and siblings, fleeing war and hoping to start a new life. His father soon set up the business he now runs  and like many others they became part of the rich texture of our city. He has run this shop for 35 years, taking over from his father in the late 70s. Trained by his father a shoemaker, he  has a passion for giving new life to shoes and is possibly one of the most experienced shoe repair men you will find in this part of town and his shop sits in own of the city's oldest terraces. Please share the hashtag #cine-theatre and support us on Spacehive: https://www.spacehive.com/millfields-theatre.